About B.faB

Like most people, I'm a bit conflicted.
I love eating home-baked goods, but I don't always love making them. I also don't always love shopping for ingredients, digging up kitchen supplies, using kitchen supplies, cleaning dishes…ok, so I mostly just like the eating part.
I also want my desserts to look like desserts. If they don't look delicious or adorable, I won't want to serve them.
Solution? Cake mix. And brownie mix. And anything else that comes in a box. 
The time I save in measuring out the flour, sugar, baking soda, etc. I gain in time to make it look great. Creativity is the star. I get to try out new combinations and ideas that would take much longer and be much less reliable if I was *really* baking from scratch. And when I work from a box, I am confident that it will taste great. 
Want to argue? Go ahead. But you'll never get between me and my Duncan Hines.
So B.faB: Bake from a Box and Be Fabulous … and happy baking!


  1. Just found you on pinterest. Great site and great ideas!!

  2. I just found you on pinterest as well... Not only to I love your ideas for making delicious, quick, and mess-free (mostly) desserts.. I love your posts! As I'm reading through them I'm laughing out loud, because I'd be saying the same things! Thank You for posting your ideas :)

  3. EXACTLY what they said. Your site is a treasure. Please keep keeping on; I smile, I laugh, I hear a hilarious narrator & would go to my kitchen right now...except you have that side bar with other treats I have to find out about!
    & your pictures are great, too.

  4. Love love LOVE your site!! I'm following for sure! I love to be lazily impressive! ;D